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TORMAX Secure+Therm


TORMAX Secure+Therm: The new Standard for Secure and Energy-Efficient Automatic Sliding Doors.

Security and energy efficiency in automatic sliding doors now have a name – TORMAX Secure+Therm. Our new door system offers certified burglary protection to resistance class RC 2, whilst using [...] lisää


TORMAX Hermetic: The new hermetic and air-tight door systems for special areas.

The new TORMAX Hermetic automatic sliding door system significantly raises and redefines the standards of quality for hermetic and air-tight doors. This has been made possible as TORMAX turned its [...] lisää

Logo messuilla FinnSec 2017


FinnSec 2017

Tervetuloa toimipisteeseemme Helsinkiin tutustumaan laadukkaisiin tuotteisiimme tai FinnSec messuille 26. – 27. Syyskuuta 2017.Tule tutustumaan TORMAX:iin osastollemme 6c60! [...] lisää


Telescope version of the TORMAX iMotion 2302 now available!

The TORMAX iMotion 2302 product line with 150 mm installation height has been completed with the telescope version and its associated redundant versions. The new telescope drive system comes with the [...] lisää



Uusi automaattisten ovijärjestelmien tytäryhtiö on perustettu

TORMAX keskittää monivuotisen panostuksen tytäryhtiön kanssa. [...] lisää



The versatile TORMAX 2101 sliding door drive for door leaf weights up to 100 kg

The universal TORMAX 2101 sliding door drive has been updated. Thanks to its new functions, the drive can be used in a wide range of internal and external door applications. But in spite of the [...] lisää


A slender thermally separated profile contributes elegance to architecture

A restrained, filigree aesthetic is one of the most important criteria for owners and architects when using profiles in modern facades. TORMAX, has now developed the slenderest thermally separated [...] lisää


Corrosion-Free Sliding Door Drives for Increased Requirements

TORMAX offers automatic door drives with IP65 protection. High requirements relating to hygiene and high resistance against corrosion in an aggressive environment call for special operators. Besides [...] lisää

Two-motor technology for rescue and escape routes


Two-motor technology for rescue and escape routes

TORMAX has introduced two-motor technology into sliding doors in rescue and escape routes. The escape route is opened by a monitored battery and the second motor. This differs from the previous [...] lisää